Monday, February 10, 2014

Comfy, Laid-back Mori Fashion from Nashare

A week ago, I was lamenting to my mori twin Demi that I needed more mori girl stuff in my closet. The pieces I have with me now are showing signs of age already (aka they're better off as rags to be honest lol), so it's time I refreshed my wardrobe.

Of course, being the fellow shopaholic she was (but she's 10x the monster I am ahahaha jk ilu Demi!), she told me of an affordable mori girl shop in Rakuten: Nashare. Nashare is a portmanteau of "nature" and the Japanese word "oshare", which means "fashionable". Looking at their products, they sure live up to their  name! There's just so much I want from their shop! I need to narrow down my choices or else I'll go broke hahaha. Below are some of the stuff I'm consider getting.

We'll probably be ordering by the end of the month. I'll try to do a review when our package arrives... that is, if I muster enough courage to slap my face on this blog again. xD

Photo source: Nashare


  1. Looks like some really cute stuff!

    xoxo Aubree

  2. Gabrielle Agatha10:41 PM

    kawaii.. I like this style ^^

  3. O_O I love all these outfits so much!! Its so hard for me to find morigirl clothing in Canada! I wish you could just send me some hehehe! <3

  4. (* >ω<) I never knew that! Yayyy!! Thanks Kass!


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