Friday, February 7, 2014

No Need for Words

Rowan may act like a grumpy little cookie, but Blair knows how to soften her up without saying a word.

Photospam & outfit breakdown under the cut! :)

On Blair:
1. Wig: Wig Model DW-220 (Honey Brown) from LUTS, $25
2. Scarf: Gift from a friend
4. Feather Key Pendant: made by me
5. Gray Long-sleeved Top: Part of a clothing set from Applebin, $20
6. Floral Leggings: SD Floral leggings by Sweetest Goodbye, $5
7. Pink Sneaker Wedges: SHG1035PK (Sneaker Heels Pink), $42

On Rowan:
1. Wig: Wig Model CRWL-97 (Light black) from Crobidoll, $27
2. Crown Pendant: SD TWTW Crown Necklace (Silver) from Dollmore, $4
3. Green Long-sleeved Top: Rivet Deco Onepiece from Nine9Style, $29
4. Studded Arm Cuff: Part of a clothing set from Applebin, $4
5. Black Liquid Leggings: Part of a clothing set from Applebin, $6
6. Glitter No-heel Pumps: SHG1304GR (Sparkle Heelless Gray), $36

1 comment:

  1. Shannon8:59 AM

    They are just too cute!


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