Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And We're Back :)

Hey there! It's been a while. ^^

In my previous post, I mentioned taking a break from the hobby. Well, that never happened. XD I took a break from blogging instead. I was still very active on Instagram though lol, posting photos of my girls here and there, with the occasional faceup WIP thrown in.

Ayyyy sexy acrylic lines~ <3

Speaking of faceups, I've begun to take it more seriously now. I'm happy to say that I have improved quite a bit and have now moved on to using acrylics for my faceups. The three ladies below are my last watercolor pencil faceups. I think they turned out quite well. :3 But using pencils is sooo costly. I had to sharpen my pencils again and again to achieve fine lines. So yeah, I'm sticking to acrylics now. Wish me luck!


  1. Miko Nyan1:31 PM

    aww.. wishing you best luck !

  2. I also prefer acrylics for face-ups as for me it's just easier to get those smooth looking lines! :D
    I love your DD/SQ? face-ups! Do you think it's harder or easier doing face-ups on anime-ish sculpts?

  3. I do find it harder actually. There's not a lot of facial contours that will act as guides where to put eyebrows or blushing and stuff like that. XD


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