Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three-Year Hump

Apologies for the lack of updates for an entire month. I've been feeling out of sorts with the hobby lately. There are days when I'm perfectly happy and contented with just staring at my dolls, and there are days when I feel like I've lost my way in this hobby. There are so many things that I want to do with my dolls in terms of photography, blogging, and what-not, but lately I haven't had enough energy to do so. Ugh, I hate it. It makes me feel disappointed in myself. I know I shouldn't be taking this too seriously, but I can't help but feel it, you know? :(

This is just temporary though, I'm sure of it. I love my dolls way too much so I know I'll be back on track soon. I just need time to figure things out, I guess.

Sorry for the rant. I try not to make this blog too personal, but I felt like I owed an explanation to you guys. Thanks for sticking around. See you guys in a bit. :)


  1. EvieCO (in.which.she.blogs)4:45 PM

    I think everyone has days like that, the same with any hobby sometimes you just need 'a little break' :D You soon pick up that feeling of love for it again though, so I wouldn't worry!

    Lovely photos as always <3

  2. You know, the same happened to me too. I know the feeling, but maybe taking some days out, and not over stressing yourself at something, will make it better. Do other things, and soon you will be back on track. Good luck and don't worry!

  3. Nick Chou7:47 PM

    Take all the time you need. ^_^ It's a hobby, and I'm sure in time you will find inspiration.

    Happy 3 years to the hobby!

  4. Miko Nyan11:52 PM

    Aww//happy 3 years. Sometime we does feel such thing. Keep looking at them and you shall grant the inspiration again !

  5. Kris Dever12:38 AM

    Woah, I didn't think you felt that way about your hobby :( I'd be really REALLY sad if this isn't temporary :( You know, I have grown to like this hobby too because of you, and the hobby has also given me another way to share in your life and in the things that you love to do. So please let this just be temporary :( I don't wanna stop being your part time props maker and full time fan :(

  6. geminick6:23 PM

    We've all felt like that every once ina while, I think. I know I have, and still do, on many occassions. :) I'd be sad to see you go though!

  7. Thanks. I'm over it now. :))

  8. I have them displayed on my table actually. And yeah looking at them did help a lot. ^u^

  9. Omg shut up. I'm ok now. =)))) <3

  10. I'm not going anywhere! I just needed a little break. :D <3


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