Monday, August 4, 2014

Books, books, books! + ManikaManila Tiangge 2014

Fun fact: Blair is a VORACIOUS reader. She'll read anything from pop literature, trashy fiction, to encyclopedias. *u*

If you're attending the upcoming ManikaManila Tiangge this August 23, 2014, I'll be selling BJD scale books there! I'm currently taking preorders until August 10, so head over to my Facebook page and PM me there if you want to start your BJD book collection. :'D

• PHP200 for 1/4
• PHP230 for 1/3

**A downpayment of PHP50 is required to process your order.

These are only for pickup during the ManikaManila Tiangge this August 23, 2014. I'll probably be doing a separate order period for orders that will require shipping (domestic (Philippines) and international), so watch out for that.

 ManikaManila Tiangge 2014

If you're a BJD owner living in Manila, we're inviting you to come to the ManikaManila's biggest event of the year: the Tiangge! We have a crap-ton of things in store for you – artisan booths, raffles, contests, and other fun activities!

We're also holding a Photography contest with the theme, "Dolls just wanna have fun!" Awesome prizes are in store for the winners: a faceup slot by either PropertyoftheUchiha or Rakeru Sensei, Dollheart and rRabit merchandise. Deadline for submissions is on August 10, 2014. You can visit the contest page for more information.

Hope to see you there with your resin lovelies!!!


  1. I love the books ~ (yay for GoT!) they're very detailed and nice x3

  2. Xanadu Dolls10:00 AM

    The books look fab! Hope you have fun at MNIKMNIL Tiangge 2014. :)

  3. Thank you! We sure had a LOT of fun. <3

  4. Thank you! And yes GOT! 8D


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