Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dolly Diptych Week 26: Kaden

I apologize for the short hiatus! It's almost been two weeks without updates. I got caught in between work and personal stuff and playing Guild Wars 2. Anyway, I should be back to blogging more often now that my Christmas vacation's coming soon! :D

Speaking of vacation, I have a guest vacationing here at home. This is Kaden, my friend Jai's Junior Delf Terra. He's a little reserved and grumpy sometimes, but he's actually really nice. :'3

More photos! Excuse the repetitive shots lol. I'm still trying to get a hang of posing SDs. >w>

JDF Terra is one of my favorite LUTS sculpts which is why I'm so happy Jai let me borrow Kaden for a while. I'm not sure Kaden is as thrilled as I am, but I think he likes Blair and Miette enough to stay. ^^;


  1. Nick Chou12:38 AM

    Gosh I love his eyelashes. They're long and pretty.

    Hi Jai. If you can read this, your boy is so good looking.

    Hi Kaden *Waves*

  2. :'D He's glad to be there with you gais. Lovely pictures as always ; 3; Thank you for letting him visit! <3

  3. I think you did a good job posing him! Your shots are always really good you know :p And Kaden looks cool!

  4. IKR. I love heem. Makes me wanna have a boy but nope, gotta have the girl first. :'D

  5. We love having him here! Even though they're both silent types, he and Blair get along well. Miette is noisy enough for the three of them. XD

    Thank you bb! <3

  6. It's only one pose though. I was too scared to move him a lot since I'm still not used to his size and his joint system. But thanks. ^^ <3


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