Friday, January 4, 2013

Get the Look: January Warmth (MSD)

Recently, I've been blabbering to my friends about Blair's style evolution. I've begun to take a liking in dressing her in more casual clothes. They're still quite mori actually, because of the vintage and flower motifs in most of her apparel, but I think she won't be dressing strictly in mori kei from now on. ^u^

1. Beanie: gifted by Madz of Dear Resin
2. Wig: Model W037 (Maroon) from Leeke World, $27
3. Bell Necklace: gifted by Madz of Dear Resin
4. Green Jacket: custom-made locally by kanipan
5. Grey long-sleeved shirt: Part of the Unoa Thankful set from Foxybrowny, $34 (whole set)
6. Skirt: Frillnara Chiffon Skirt (Ivory) from Dollmore, $10
7. Black leggings: handsewn by me
8. Shoes: Model SUN58 (Yellow) from SWDoll, $26

This ensemble was inspired by Steffy Kuncman's outfit post on that I saw last week:


  1. Xhanthi Black3:17 AM

    I love Blair's new casual look and those shoes are great ♥

  2. She is adorable, that casual look is great on her!

  3. Hnggghh I love this look on her and she is SO pretty in these photos! X)

  4. You're always too sweet bb. Thank you! <3

  5. Thank you! I'm getting used to seeing her in more casual clothing now. XD

  6. Thanks Xhanthi. :D These shoes are probably my new favorite pair of hers.


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