Friday, March 29, 2013

Get the Look: Mixed Fruits (MSD)

It's been too long since I made a Get the Look post. As much as I love doing it, it can get tedious searching for the best matches for our beloved dolls. Anyway, it's back and hopefully better than before! I hope you guys like the new layout. :D

1. Wig: Model KDW-38 from LUTS, $23
2. Denim Coat: Denim Rollup Onepiece from Nine9Style, $39
3. Knit Cardigan: Loose Fit Cardigan from Nine9Style, $29
4. Dress: Floral Dress from Kondoll, $28
5. Black Stockings: NS Panty Stockings from Dollmore, $6
6. Socks: Basic Socks with Red Dots from Dollmore, $2
7. Sneakers: Model KDS-117 from LUTS, $8

It's scorching over here in the Philippines, and it would be crazy to wear something like this around here. Luckily, our dolls don't have pores, so they can get away with this kind of outfit. Maybe it's just me, but even though the coordinate has lots of layers, it looks refreshing because of the cool colors. The palette reminds me of a nice bowl of fresh fruits – perfect for the summer! What do you think? XD

Model photo credit: Goroke

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